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Gary Crunk
I have a Theory...

I could be right... I could be wrong... 

Here it is.

Why is there such Hate for Donald Trump as President?

During the 2016 Presidential Campaign, Donald Trump promoted the saying "Drain The Swamp".  It was a good slogan and it energized his base.  Because American's have been watching and seeing the corruption of Washington for far too long without any recourse to stop the spending and the rampant corruption.  The only recourse we had was to try and elect someone that promised to do that.  Until President Trump came along, noone made such promises, just business as usual.

The Democrats, and yes some Republicans and a lot of the career government officials as well as the deep state all saw him as a big threat to their power and money that they've enjoyed for so many years.  They knew that if he were elected, then they would be in jeopardy of being exposed for their crimes and corruption.  Hillary Clinton said it best, "If he gets elected, we will all Hang"...

People in Washington started many projects to ensure that their illegal deeds would not be exposed so they started a smear campaign against Trump.  They also began a Media campaign working with their partners in the Main Stream Media to try and convince the masses that he was bad and somehow a Russian agent.

As soon as he was elected, they put into motion their plan to get him out of office.  Many powerful and rich people were all working toward the same goal.  They paid their dirty money to those that could do "something".  This includes I am sure a lot of Democrat Politicians in the government.

Note:  i have no Proof of this, this is all just a Theory.

We have watched now for 3 years all of them trying their hardest to oust Donald Trump from office.  Please note that most of these people are Lawyers so they know how to manipulate laws and loopholes as well as do legal moves that would be very hard to defend against.

Once they had the Democrats on board, the Main Stream Media shoveling the Propoganda (that Obama made it legal to do in the US), as well as a lot of "Deep State" actors... They are continuing their assault.

Why are they doing all of this?  Money and Power.  They know that if Donald Trump as well as Bill Barr stay in office, they are at risk of not only losing that Money Stream and Power, they will be exposed and maybe even jailed for their crimes and illegal activities.

I mean, just look at how many of the Dem's were involved with Dirty Ukraine companies?  

So... In summary, they don't Hate Donald Trump per-se... They just want to eliminate the threat to their Money and Power.  It's all about Money and Control.

They Don't Hate Him.... They Fear him and what he is trying to do...  Drain The Swamp.

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