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Gary Crunk

I was curious this morning and had an idea.  What if the 2020 election were decided simply my the number of Twitter Followers.  So I did a little research into all of the 2020 Candidates.  I am not listing the 2 other Republicans running currently in 2020, their numbers are not even up there.

So, If the election were held Today, and using the numbers below... We know who would win.

Donald J. Trump: 67.8 M Followers


Hillary Clinton:  26.1 M Followers  (If she joined the race)

Michael Bennet: 42.7 M Followers

Bernie Sanders:  8.9 M Followers

Elizabeth Warren: 5.5 M Followers

Cory Booker: 4.4 M Followers

Joe Biden: 4 M Followers

Marianne Williamson: 2.8 M Followers

Michael Bloomberg: 2.4 M Followers

Pete Buttigieg: 1.6 M Followers

Andrew Yang: 1.1 M Followers

Amy Klobuchar: 830.7 K Followers

Tulsi Gabbard: 764,2 K Followers

Julián Castro: 450.4 K Followers

Tom Steyer: 252.3 K Followers

Deval Patrick: 52,4 K Followers

John Delaney: 38 K Followers

One could project into 2020 that if just comparing these numbers to how many people would vote and for whom, then the election results are clear!

So #MAGA and #KAG

@RealDonaldTrump for 2020 All The Way.

Gary Crunk Dec 20 '19 · Tags: twitter, election, 2020

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