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Gary Crunk
Dec 9 '19
On the comment wall.. When entering your text...and you are done... just press Enter


Gary Crunk
I have a Theory...I could be right... I could be w... more
Gary Crunk Dec 20 '19
Gary Crunk
I was curious this morning and had an idea. Wha... more
Gary Crunk Dec 20 '19
Gary Crunk
See Who Voted and How they Voted in the Final Vote... more
Gary Crunk Dec 18 '19

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Gary Crunk
I've been around a while... You know, I'm 58... More
Gary Crunk Dec 16 '19
Gary Crunk
Yep... For sure
Gary Crunk Dec 16 '19
Gary Crunk
ANSI Terminal Emulation ESCape... More
Gary Crunk Dec 12 '19
Gary Crunk
Except Record files, MPL can also manipulate... More
Gary Crunk Dec 12 '19



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